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ULTRON HF-ODS is a monolithic silica (hierarchical porous structure) bonded with octadecyl groups inside fused silica capillary tubing. Useful for Proteome analysis (peptide mapping) with high reproducibility and peak capacity.

ULTRON HF-ODS Specifications

Column type C18 (non-end capping) C18 (end capping)
Column size ( length x inner diameter) 250 mm x 0.1 mm
700 mm x 0.1 mm
250 mm x 0.1 mm
700 mm x 0.1 mm
Applications  High resolution peptide mapping and omics
Flow rate range Recommended range: 300〜500 nL/min
pH range Recommended range: 2.0〜8.0
Recommended temperature range FEP sleeve: 30〜50°C (Max. temp. 50°C)
PEEK sleeve: 30〜60°C (Max. temp. 60°C)
Max allowable pressure FEP sleeve: 20.0 MPa
PEEK sleeve: 30.0 MPa

The outer diameter of the capillary column is 0.38 mm. Please use suitable fittings (Sleeve , Ferrules etc) for your Nano Flow LC system. Normally, FEP sleeve fittings are shipped as a standard specification. Pressure resistant fittings (Inlet side: PEEK sleeve) are also available as option with additional cost.

Product name Remarks
Standard specification
(FEP sleeve)
① 1/16” PEEK plug
② 1/16” O.D. x 0.35 mm I.D. x 40 mm FEP sleeve
③ 1/16” CTFE ferrule
④ 1/16” PEEK fitting
⑤ 1/32” PEEK column jacket
・ The above fittings corresponds to the VICI valve (ex. UltiMate 3000 RSLCnano system).
・ When installing the column to the system, tighten the column using a wrench (0.6 N.m as a guide).

Pressure resistant specification
(Inlet side: PEEK sleeve)
① 1/16” PEEK plug
② 1/16” O.D. x 0.41 mm I.D. x 40 mm PEEK sleeve
③ 1/16” PEEK High pressure ferrule
(Hybrid type of stainless steel and PEEK blended polymer)
④ 1/16” PEEK fitting
・ The above fittings corresponds to the VICI valve (ex. UltiMate 3000 RSLCnano system).
・ When tightening the ferrules use a wrench (1.4 N.m as a guide).
・ When installing the column to the system, tighten the column using a wrench (1.1 N.m as a guide).

Repetitive peptide separation by ULTRON HF-ODS

ULTRON HF-ODS High Peak Capacity Peptide Separation

ULTRON HF-ODS multicomponent peptide separation
(mixture of four kinds of protein digest)

ULTRON HF-ODS Yeast Protein Extract, Digest (peptide separation)

Precaution for use

  • The capillary column is a thin quartz tube and it is delicate towards scratches. Do not subject the column to sudden shock such as striking or dropping, and rubbing with a metal etc. Columns may break due to fine scratches or similar causes.
  • The fittings (Pre-fixed) are optimized in advance. Please do not disassemble by removing parts, etc.
  • It is possible to bent the column up to R = 100 mm. Be careful not to bend it more strongly as this will cause breakage of the column bed or capillary tube.
  • Please use the column at the maximum allowable pressure or less. The maximum allowable pressure is 20.0 MPa for the standard specification (FEP sleeve) and 30.0 MPa for the pressure resistance specification (PEEK sleeve).
  • Ensure to filter samples and mobile phases using a membrane filter with a mesh size of 0.45 μm or smaller before using the column. Failure to filter mobile phases, etc. can lead to blockages of column filters and increases in analytical pressures.
  • Ensure to thoroughly degas mobile phases prior to use. Insufficient degassing of mobile phases can lead to the formation of bubbles inside analytical instruments and columns resulting in problems with analyses.
  • It is recommended to dissolve the sample in a solvent that is of the same composition as the initial mobile phase.
  • ULTRON HF-ODS columns are shipped containing 100% methanol. When replacing this solution with mobile phases, in order to avoid the danger of sudden pressure increases, flow the mobile phase at an initial flow rate of 200 nL/min at least 10 minutes (in case of the column length is 250 mm) or at least 30 minutes (in case of column length is 700 mm), and then increase the flow rate to the desired value.

Cleaning and storage

  • Please clean the column with a mixture containing organic solvent/water (not including acid and inorganic salt), such as at least 60% organic aqueous solution.
  • Do not remove the column from LC system before the pressure drops zero.
  • For long-term storage, please replace the column with organic solvent, close the column with end stop plugs tightly and store at cool and dark place.


PDF DownloadULTRON HF-ODS: Specifications and Prices

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