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Normal-phase Chromatography

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ULTRON VX-SIL columns use high purity silica gel (SiO2 99.99% or higher), thereby reducing sample absorption by metal oxides to the lowest possible levels.
Taking into consideration analytical pressures and column lifetimes, spherical silica particles are used in these columns.

Correspond to USP number L03: Porous silica microparticles, 5 to 10 micrometers in diameter.


Particle Size Pore Size Specific Surface Area
5μm 12 nm 300m2/g

ULTRON VX-SIL.G(guard column)


Connecting guard columns to analytical columns helps to protect analytical columns from contaminants contained in samples. ULTRON VX-SIL guard columns are packed with the same types of silica gels that are used in analytical columns. Appropriate use of guard columns results in good reproducibility and long operating lifetimes.

PDF DownloadNormal-phase Chromatography: Specifications and Prices

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